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  • Compression union without nut 62-R-B系列
    Compression union without nut
  • Compression reducing union 62-R系列
    Compression reducing union 62-
  • Flare plug 57 系列
    Flare plug 57 Series
  • Flare cap 56系列
    Flare cap 56 Series
  • Flare Nut 41-L
    Flare Nut
  • 红铜奶嘴
    Red Brass Nipple
  • 黄铜奶嘴镀铬
    Brass Nipple Chrome Plated
  • 黄铜奶嘴
    Brass Nipple
  • 接皮管管件2
    Connecting Skin Tube Fittings
  • 黄铜长奶嘴
    Brass Nipple
  • 铜套
    Copper Sets
  • 铜卡圈
    Copper Clip