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  • 红铜奶嘴
    Red Brass Nipple
  • 黄铜奶嘴镀铬
    Brass Nipple Chrome Plated
  • 黄铜奶嘴
    Brass Nipple
  • 黄铜长奶嘴
    Brass Nipple
  • STREET ELBOW 90°116S系列
    STREET ELBOW 90degree 116S Ser
  • Heavy Duty Female Coupling 99AH系列
    Heavy Duty Female Coupling 99A
  • Pipe coupling (FIP X FIP)99系列
    Pipe coupling (FIP X FIP)99 Se
  • Pipe reducing coupling (FIP X FIP)98-R系列
    Pipe reducing coupling (FIP X
  • Stree Tee 316-F Series
    Stree Tee 316-F Series
  • Pipe Cross-Extruded 314-F Series
    Pipe Cross-Extruded 314-F Seri
  • Pipe Cross-Forged 314 Series
    Pipe Cross-Forged 314 Series
  • Pipe Tee 312-F  Series
    Pipe Tee 312-F Series